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School Improvement Plan 2013/14

School Self Evaluation > SSE Literacy 2013/14

St. Mary's NS , Knockbridge
School Improvement Plan for Literacy 2013-2016

Baseline Data

  • Standardised test results show that most pupils are performing at or above the national norm. 30% of pupils scored at or above the 85 percentile - this is almost twice the national average (16%). 3% of pupils scored at or below the 16 percentile - this is a fifth of the national average.
  • Surveys conducted with pupils and parents of 2nd and 5th classes revealed that pupils are engaged in and enjoy reading while having a good range of reading material available to them.
  • Staff expressed concerns regarding pupils’ general ability with genre writing and creative writing but not penmanship. Teaching staff felt the need for a consistent policy on corrections was also necessary.
  • Parents expressed similar concerns and over 50% of 2nd class pupils expressed difficulty in coming up with ideas when asked to write a story.
  • 53% of pupils in 2nd class had a positive attitude to writing in school, while 74% of pupils in 5th class had a positive attitude to writing in school.
  • 40% to 60% of all pupils from Jr Infts to 2nd class attained level 9 or 10 in the teacher designed rubrics.
  • 60% to 85% of all pupils from 3rd class to 6th class attained level 9 or 10 in the teacher designed rubrics.

Summary of main areas requiring improvements

  • A whole school approach to the teaching of writing and a greater understanding of the writing process by pupils and staff.
  • Improved attainment of curriculum objectives in development of writing
  • Improved attitude to writing in school.
  • A whole school approach to the correction of written work.

Improvement targets

Maintain current high reading scores in
standardised test results
Required Actions

• Continue to build on existing good practices and current
strengths as identified in school evaluation report
Increased attainment of curriculum objectives in
writing to include a 10 to 30% increase in the
number of pupils reaching category 9/10 in the
teacher-designed rubrics in the Junior School and a
5 to 15% increase in the Senior school.
Increase the number of pupils who like to write in
school by 15% in 2nd class and 5% in 5th class
• Whole School approach to teaching of writing and greater
understanding of the writing process.
• Staff to actively engage in internal /external CPD in the area of
writing eg within staff, ed centre courses, NCCA/PDST website
• Introduction of free writing copies from Junior Infants to 6th
• 6 genres to be covered on a whole school basis in planned ,
sequenced 6 week blocks
• Introduction and promotion of portfolios of writing to be
maintained and passed from class to class.
• Poetry workshops with ‘Writers in School’ and in-school
poetry competition.
Whole school approach to the correction of written
• Discuss and agree an editing approach at whole school level

Monitor and Review

  • Examination and review of writing copies, portfolios of work samples and free writing copies to provide feedback to staff meetings.
  • Use of Drumcondra Writing Profiles.
  • Class conferencing between teacher and pupils, pupils and pupils to gauge feedback
  • Teacher observation is a key tool which be used in monitoring the progress of this literacy strategy. Key observations will be noted and discussed at whole staff level.
  • Input of PDST advisers.
  • Further pupil questionnaires conducted in June 2015 with 4th class (originally surveyed in 2nd class in 2012) indicated the following:

the number of children who said they liked writing increased from 53% to 63% 86% said they had no difficulty when asked to write a story
Staff felt that the free writing copies were successful and needed to be embedded in all classes. They felt that children were more open and enthusiastic about writing in general.They enjoyed their free writing experience and this was confirmed by the survey where 81% said they would like more opportunities to write in class.

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