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Sept 2017

Newsletters 2017-18

Newsletter No. 1
7th September 2017

Important School Information

1. Meetings with Staff: Parents should always contact the class teacher by making an appointment with the school secretary. It is impossible for teachers to give parents their full attention if they arrive unexpectedly at the classroom door.
2. Visitors to the school: Visitors and Parents to the school premises must firstly call into the office/reception when visiting the school for appointments, collection of pupils and/or other school business. Parents should not to go directly to the classroom but report to the school secretary in the office first.
3. Opening/Closing Times: The school will open each morning to receive pupils at 8.45am. Classes commence at 9.00am and finish at 2.40pm (1.40pm for Infant classes).The Board of Management of the school cannot accept responsibility for pupils outside of these opening and closing times. This includes junior/senior infants who re enter the school grounds between 1.40pm and 2.40pm to play after their parents have collected them.
4. Cheques: Any payments due to the school by cheque should be made payable to Knockbridge National School. School Expenses should be paid to the class teacher or school office by Fri 29 September if possible.
5. Absences: All absences must be explained to your child’s class teacher in the form of a brief explanatory note- there is no need to contact the office. If your child is absent for 20 days or more in a school year, the school is obliged to inform the National Education Welfare Board (NEWB).Under the Education Welfare Act, children who are persistently late or whose attendance is irregular must also be reported to the NEWB. It is important that your child does not develop a habit of missing time in school for non-essential reasons. Please see note on back of newletter re. Aladdin and roll call.
6. Labels: Please mark in heavy print items such as jumpers, cardigans, ties and coats with your child’s name. It makes identification of lost items so much easier, as each year dozens of garments are left unclaimed. These labels will need to be redone periodically during the year.
7. Medicine in School: If a child is required to take any medicine during school hours, parents must fill in the ‘Administration of Medicines’ form in the office. This must be completed annually in order to keep records updated.
8. Milk: Fresh chilled milk is available for €15.00 for the 1 term or €35 for the whole school year. Children receive milk with their lunch. Please notify the school beforeWednesday 13 September if your child is availing of this service. Please note that the supply of milk to the children is subject to numbers. Milk will then commence on Monday, 23 September.
9. Clothing Collection: Wed, 27 September . Clothing collections are organised during the school year to help raise funds for our school. General refuse bags can be used for filling the bags. Items such as clothing, towels, bed linen and matching footwear are all appreciated. Please leave the bags outside the main door of the school on Wednesday, 27 September by no later than 9.15am.
10. Community Centre Car Park: Cars should enter and exit clockwise, keeping to the left. Children must always walk alongside the Community Centre wall and the Graveyard wall inside the yellow line. They may cross at the double line only. Children are not allowed to walk through the car park. Please do not park on the yellow lines or in the spaces reserved for the school buses in the afternoon. Under no circumstances should cars be driven into the school yard or block the school gates.
11. Credit Union: Facilities for pupils are available each Thursday in the school commencing on Thursday, 14 September. Please put money into an envelope with the child’s name and the amount to be lodged written clearly on the front and leave in the office.
12. Collecting Children: Please collect your children as close to the time as possible. In order to avoid unnecessary calls to the school office, please ensure that all arrangements for pupils going home with friends, relations or otherwise are completed before coming to school. Please don’t give a lift home to another child without prior consent of parents/guardians. Children waiting to be collected at 1.40pm and 2.40pm must wait inside the school gate.
13. Fit Kids: Fit Kids will commence on Monday, 18 September for Junior and Senior Infants in the Halla Setanta at 1.40pm. Please call Niall Teather on 087-6724411 in order to book a place. Places are limited. The cost is €30 for a course of 6 weeks.
14. Personal Pupil Insurance: Once again this year we have included the cost of this in our school expenses. It is an extra personal accident insurance policy which will insure your child for accidents/injuries 7 days a week both at home and at school (with no excess), including visits to A&E. More details are available on the Allianz website or from the office.
15. Healthy Eating:
Please remember that our school has a healthy eating policy for the benefit of the children.There is a fruit/veg break every day at 10.50am at which the children can eat a piece of fruit/veg from their lunch. Crisps, fizzy drinks and sweets are not permitted in schools and some classes will have a ban on some food types due to allergies within the class- your class teacher will advise you on this. On Fridays children are permitted a small treat which they should eat after their lunch.
16. Swimming 2017-18:
The cost is €7.50 per week/€45 for 6 weeks. For ease of administration, this can be paid in full. Aquatics is part of the School Curriculum and absences should be certified.
Mr. McClean (6) & Ms. Clarke (5) classes commence on Friday, 15 September.
Ms. Conroy(4 & 5) & Mrs. Evans (3/4) classes commence on Friday, 10 Nov

Mr. Clune (2) class commence on Friday, 23 February 2018
Ms. McGill (3) classes commence on Friday, 20 April 2018
15. Greenschools:
St. Mary’s N.S, is an International Greenschool and we proudly fly our Green Flags at the front of the school, we now have 6 in total! We place particular emphasis on respecting and caring for the environment. Children are encouraged to save energy, water and dispose of and recycle as much of the school waste as possible. Having recently achieved our 6 flag for ‘Global Citizenship - Litter and Waste’, our Greenschool committee will now work towards our 7 Green Flag for ‘Global Citizenship - Energy’ . Our new Greenschool committee will be formed soon.
16. Mobile Phone Policy: Children are not permitted to have mobile phones or any other digital equipment in school at any time. If you need to contact your child urgently during the school day, a message may be relayed through the school office.
17. Contact Details: please ensure you keep your landline, mobile and email contact details up to date at all times through the school year.
19. Homework Club: Mr. Clune will commence Homework club on Monday, 4 September. The cost is €10 p/w and €9 p/w for siblings and is available for children from 2 to 6 class only. A note has been issued and should be returned to Mr. Clune. Places are strictly limited and will be issued on a first come first served basis.
20. Student Council: a new Student Council will be established for the first time during Term 1. It will have representatives elected from the senior classes with students having the opportunity to voice concerns and ideas they may have in relation to all aspects of school life.
21. Extra-Curricular Activities: Many of the teachers in school generously give of their time to co-ordinate afterschool activities such as football, basketball, Greenschools, choir and quiz clubs etc. The staff will notify you of training and match times as the year goes on. We thank them in advance for their efforts.

Fáilte Romhaibh Ar Ais

Dear Parents,
Welcome back to one and all, especially our 46 new junior infants as well as 4 other pupils who have joined us this year in other classes. I hope everyone enjoyed the summer break and no doubt the children are glad to see their classmates and friends again and parents are happy to return to normal routines.

Please take the time to read the enclosed important information regarding school policies and procedures as many of the points raised will be pertinent to your family’s situation.

Another busy year lies ahead as the school authorities undertake another building project (the sixth in 11 years). This programme will see 3 new special education rooms , a disabled toilet and a new single classroom being constructed to the rear of the building. Our planning application was submitted over the summer and we hope to be in the new rooms by Easter.

Our school has introduced a new administration system called
Aladdin. From the start of this school year it will be the formal method of recording all school attendances and the old hard back rollbooks will be no longer in use. As per Department of Education policy, each class teacher must record the roll by 10.00am. Please be advised , if your child arrives to school after 10am ,for whatever reason, he/she will be marked absent. The usual rules regarding explanation of absences apply. Among other things, Aladdin will also be used to reduce school costs in relation to text and print communications by switching as many of these as possible to email. In the future, newsletters and other documentation will be forwarded via email to cut down on printing costs and reduce our carbon footprint. The office will be in contact with all parents in due course regarding this and preferred emails
We will continue to use Facebook to keep you up to date with various school activities and achievements while information of a more permanent nature such as school policies will be posted on the school website.

On behalf of all the staff of the school may I wish the parents and pupils of Scoil Cnoc Bríde the very best in 2017/18. We look forward to your continued support in the months and years ahead. As we say every year:

‘Tús maith, leath na hoibre!’ (a good start is half the work!).

Kindest Regards,
Brian McDonnell,

Openings/Closures Term 1 2017/18

Mid-Term: School finishes @ 2.40pm on Fri 27 Oct. and reopens Mon 6 Nov.
Christmas Holidays: Fri 22 Dec @ 12.00pm
Reopens Mon, 8 Jan
(Openings/closures for Term 2 & 3 on school website)

Dates for Holy Communion, First Penance and Confirmation to be confirmed

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