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Agreement Original Signed

The form required for a document varies depending on the nature of the agreement or contract. It depends on the case law and the particularities, but the general rules are as follows: many people still mistakenly believe that only an “original” signature can be applied. This would require an original of the contract signed by the parties, and no copy, fax or scan of the contract. However, the rules of evidence have always addressed this issue by overwhelming any party that loses original documents (this is part of the 2010 dust about mortgage closures by robo signatories who don`t have access to original documents). Ultimately, faxes and electronic transmissions are now regularly accepted as sufficient proof of what they claim to be. Decades ago, some states began to accept faxes as intermediate proof of an agreement. However, as faxes often degenerate, they were not always supporting the evidence. Indeed, often considered hearsay. Many courthouses have needed an original in a given amount of time to replace the misleading fax sheets. But fortunately, when fax records became less susceptible to data errors and fax paper was replaced by permanent printing, they also gained credibility. People often ask me if they need the originally signed version of an agreement that they sign as a party to the agreement.

It is quite common for different parties to exchange signed documents online in a signed form (e.g.B. distance employment contracts).