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Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement

“service” means each of the following services made available by Amazon on one or more of the Amazon sites: the amazon sales service; Amazon Service`s compliance; Sponsored Ads and all related services we provide. S-2.1 Sale and Execution. For those of your products that are fulfilled by Fulfilment by Amazon, the Amazon Terms of Service apply for the storage, execution, and delivery of those products. Question: If I never knew that the BSA existed, am I still bound by the agreement? Welcome to Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions, a suite of optional sales services, including Selling on Amazon, Fulfilment by Amazon, Sponsored Ads, and Selling Partner API. If you or any of your affiliates choose to provide us or us with proposals, comments, ideas, improvements or other comments or materials related to or related to or related to an Amazon service (including related technologies), you irrevocably grant us a free, worldwide license for all rights, to the extent required and permitted by law, title and interest in and for proposals relating to the term of protection of the underlying rights. . . .