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Casino Management Agreement

Our organization, other regulators and law enforcement are aware of the potential risks of money laundering and other criminal activities in casinos, including through junket operations. We work collaboratively and proactively with other regulators and law enforcement to ensure that the casino is free from criminal influence. We have formal information exchange agreements with the Victorian Police and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). AUSTRAC is Australia`s financial intelligence unit and regulator of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. While we regulate Crown`s implementation of internal systems and controls to ensure that the management and operation of the casino remains free from criminal influence, allegations of money laundering and terrorist financing are a matter for regulators and law enforcement such as AUSTRAC and the Federal Police. Under the Casino Control Act 1991, we will grant the casino, approve its employees and grant certain functions related to gambling. Since 2013, more than 1500 audits of the operation of the casino have been carried out as part of our compliance program. Since 2013, we have evaluated and approved nine new partners and 3724 specialized Casino employees. A full list of currently authorised partners can be found at Crown Melbourne Limited Associates Partners (or programmes) are approved player agreements (or programmes) under which Crown agrees to pay a casino client a commission based on their turnover at the casino. A junket operator is an individual or organization that promotes and introduces a person or group of people to play at a casino. Junket operators receive a commission based on the turnover of the game at the casino. Audits ensure that slots are properly installed and operate properly on authorized software, that casino employees strictly comply with all relevant requirements, and that the integrity of the games played at the casino is preserved.

As part of our current regulatory oversight of Crown, we are required to conduct a casino operator audit every five years. Each audit contains recommendations that Crown must implement. We then monitor and evaluate Crown`s implementation of these recommendations. We may order Crown to cease its relationship with a junket operator to ensure that the casino remains free from criminal influence. We may also order that a person be prohibited from entering or staying at the casino. A partner is a person who holds or has relevant financial interests, who has the right to exercise relevant power or who is able to exert considerable influence over the management or operation of the casino….