We are lucky here at St. Mary’s NS to have such musical members of staff that give up their time freely to contribute to our school choir. They perform during the Sacraments, at the Peace Proms with the Cross Border Orchestra, during monthly assembly and for any other special occasions that arise within the school.

Every year the choir are diligently prepared to add to the special day for the boys and girls of 2nd and 6th classes as they receive their First Holy Communion and the gifts of the Holy Spirit during Confirmation respectively.

The pupils of 4th class look forward each year to participating in the Peace Proms in the RDS, Dublin with thousands of other school children from across Ireland. Singing and dancing to modern pop songs as well as classic hits, the day out in Dublin is a highly anticipated event by children and parents alike each year.

Members of the school choir at the Peace Proms 2017

With our strong Catholic ethos, we work very closely with the parish. Mrs McGeeney leads the Parish Youth Choir who sing during Saturday evening mass each week throughout the school year. Each year children from 2nd class up are invited to join the Youth Choir with practice held in school during lunch time.