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Christchurch Call Agreement

Nevertheless, in a statement on the Christchurch Call, the White House said it was “with the international community to condemn terrorist and violent extremist content on the Internet” and supported the goals of the call. But the U.S. “is currently unable to join the approval.” The call is named after the New Zealand city where a gunman killed 51 people in an attack in March, which was posted on Facebook and then posted on other social media sites. Facebook, Google and Twitter struggled to take copies of the violent video as quickly as it spread across the internet, prompting an international backlash from regulators who felt malicious actors had too easily bypassed Silicon Valley`s defense. Prior to the attack, the gunman also posted a hate manifesto online that contained evidence of earlier mass killings. The White House`s decision not to support the Christchurch Call has been criticized by some experts who have called for stronger regulation on the internet. Alistair Knott, a professor of computer science at the University of Otago in New Zealand, said the lack of U.S. support could undermine the overall case for controlling the spread of hate and violence on the internet. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern underscored U.S. support for the principles of the appeal.

Differences of opinion on the Christchurch call have highlighted a long-standing tension between EU officials, who have traditionally shown a greater willingness to contain and regulate internet companies, and the US, where companies have ample leeway to monitor themselves. This appeal takes into account the fact that state regulation alone will not be enough to solve the problem. It is necessary to use the creativity and technical know-how of Internet companies and organisations to find solutions while ensuring respect for Internet freedom and preserving the Internet`s ability to act as a force for good. But he said the U.S. is currently unable to join the agreement, although it supports the overall goals. .