Every day is a school day…

Every day is a school day…

We’ve all been busy adapting to the new styles of teaching and learning that have been introduced, and overcoming the hurdles that come with them.

With the school moving towards the ‘Seesaw’ app/website to support home learning in the days ahead, 3rd class have been busy experimenting with the different tools available, and learning valuable new skills.

Coming away from Engineering Week, one of the suggested activities was to see what is required in the building of bridges.

What is needed for a bridge to be long? Tall? Above all else, stable?

Can your bridge hold the weight of a toy car, or something heavier?

What material have you used to build your bridge, and how effective do you think it is?

As always, Rang a Trí have produced work to be proud of. Many of their contributions involved voice overs to accompany their media, with wonderful explanations of their work.

It’ll take some getting used to, but if this week’s work is anything to judge, we’re on the right track!

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