First Assembly!

First Assembly!

We held our first Assembly of the year on Friday. For some it was their first ever taste of our monthly whole-school event and Ms Molloy was very proud of how her Junior Infants took to the occasion.

Master welcomed everyone as two 6th class pupils, Adam and Anna, opened proceedings with a prayer for the new school year. Master then introduced our new pupils from Junior Infants and those that have joined us from other schools.

Fr Gerry then took to the podium as he welcomed everyone back and spoke to us about one of his favourite Saints – Saint Therese.

After this, Master called out the achievements of our student body and awarded the Junior School and Senior School Students and Persons of the Month trophies!

There were many announcements and surprises for the pupils as Master spoke about upcoming events including the Family Fun Quiz, an outdoor classroom and the return of M&M Productions with Beauty and the Beast in January!

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