From Halloween to Christmas…

From Halloween to Christmas…

Oisín: Since we came back from our Halloween holidays, it’s been so much fun! We’ve done so much, like lots of art and science. For Science Week we made a volcano and it exploded and we also made a plane!

Emily M: All 5th and 6th can do basketball after school if they want, and we did drills and games with Ms Clarke and Ms Conroy, who are our coaches.

We read ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’ and it was really good – and we learned about The Great Famine after.

Sophie: We did letters to Mother in the P.O.V. of our favourite character. I picked Eily because I feel she’s a lot like me.

Fionn: The Famine was very interesting, we learned about coffin ships and workhouses.

The art was really fun, we did cool santas and polar bears! We also learned about Qatar and the FIFA World Cup. I got Morocco and they made it to the semis.

Ryan: As you might know, some of us are going to Belfast for the Peace Proms. We’ve been singing lots of songs, and my favourite song is probably ‘Hall of Fame’!

Ellie Sh: We did loads of Christmas art, like carol singers, Nativity scene and O Christmas Tree art. Next week we plan to wear Christmas jumpers!

Sophie: We started the Eco Friendly classrooms again. In November we won once, but we’ve been doing better this month. We also did ‘Greener Christmas’ poems!

As the year finished up, there was also plenty of time for fun. We had a lovely surprise from our ‘buddies’ in 1st class who brought in board games to play with us, and we did some festive buddy reading with them in return.

We sprinkled kindness all over our classroom during the season of Advent.

Finally, we wrapped up the term with a cup of hot chocolate, and a look towards 2023 to see what we think it might bring – hopefully lots of lovely things!

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