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General Service Agreement Bc

It Technology – Management Consulting Professional Services are service contracts (see IT services contract guidelines); Human resources benefit from service contracts; Accounting contracts and, management consulting service contracts. Read the definitions of the individual to see if the services provided require the use of this GSA/Schedules version. If your service provider does not have a service contract, you can present a service contract as a customer to avoid future complications that may arise due to the lack of formal agreement. If in doubt, contact the ministry`s purchasing specialist, purchasing services, the Office of the Comptroller General for Procurement Governance or legal services. If none of the existing service contract models meets the requirement, contact legal services to create a tailored contract. If you provide services to a customer, such as repairs, facilities, landscaping, etc., you should use a service agreement to clearly define the terms of your services and prices for your customer. A service contract can protect a service provider in a variety of ways. In entering into a service contract, a service provider should consider: In addition, it may be appropriate for the province to pay an honorarium with a standard service contract or letter (see section 18.3.7 of the CPPM). If you are unsure whether or not to use a fee, contact the ministry`s purchasing specialist. This model is used for all services needed to provide IT and information management (IM) information, including application development services for custom applications and custom websites. Also use it for IT/IM consulting services for qualified people to provide advice and recommend solutions on IT/IM issues. The following information will help government officials develop a General Services Agreement (GSA) based on the nature of the services to be provided.

Please note that GSA cannot be used for third-party service agreements (z.B. Shared Cost Arrangements).