Halloween Blog Post

Halloween Blog Post

We had a busy week leading up to the midterm with plenty of activity around the school and in the classroom.

We had the visit of the book fair where excitement reigned and we all got to pick new favourite titles!

We completed our spooky Halloween art which turned out very effective as we used pastels and then scraped off a layer of acrylic black paint.

We had our October Assembly on Thursday where we said hello to our new Student and Green Schools councils and goodbye to Fr Rushe.

We also had a deserving award winner as Harry picked up the Student of the Month award.

On Friday we had our now weekly buddy reading session with Senior Infants and we took our half-term test. Instead of a boring test, however we had a team quiz using the Kahoot! platform. We also wrapped up for the midterm with our monthly Wolf Game. Appropriately for the time of year it is, the wolves won!

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