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James Bay And Northern Quebec Agreement Treaty

The James Bay and Northern Quebec agreement was amended by about 20 other agreements on the implementation and terms of the original agreement, as well as by the extension of its provisions. In addition, the Constitution Act of 1982 enshrined in the Constitution of Canada all rights granted in treaties and fonal claims enacted prior to 1982 and confers on the rights enshrined in the original agreement the status of constitutional rights. With this agreement, the indigenous peoples put an end to all legal action and agreed to negotiate directly with the government. He committed to reaching an amicable agreement on the issue of Aboriginal land rights for the James Bay and northern Quebec region through a bilateral treaty (see Charlie Watt). The Hydroplan has become the focus of discussions between Quebec and the AIQ, with the AIQ demanding that the project not proceed before a provincial contract. Footnote 51 This requirement was rejected. Quebec would not fall behind on the proposed James Bay project. In July, it passed Bill C-50, the James Bay Region Development Act, and created the James Bay Development Corporation (JDSS) as the project management agency. Footnote 52 While the SDBJ was organizing to develop the early work of the project, discussions with the AIQ were conducted without progress on the James Bay project. Inuit have always been connected to Canada`s land and the Sea of Northern Canada and respected. Here we have lived and survived for thousands of years. This is where our ancestors taught their children how to pick berries, look for food and make tools out of the country.

The land, wildlife and sea have been and still are an excellent supplier to us Inuit, Cree and Naskapi. It is important that the country is respected and treated with good intentions for future generations and future developments. These mandates were created to ensure that our ecosystem and way of life prosper with growing populations and development needs. 18 Legislation to respect the northwestern, north and northeast borders of the province of Quebec, 1898, 61 Vic, c 3; A law extending the borders of the province of Quebec, 1912, 2 Geo V, c 45. In 1976, the IQA, Cree`s former ally against the James Bay project, was taken to court for the recognition of the rights of nations that had not signed the treaty but whose hunting grounds were affected. However, the IQA was dissolved in subsequent years and replaced by a large number of regional organizations. Dispute resolution mechanisms are included in the two implementation agreements with Naskapi and the Inuit (NEQA and JBNQA) and in the New Relationship Agreement with cree. Parties may use dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve or as stated issues relating to the interpretation, management or implementation of the JBNQA and NEQA.