Making hay while the sun shines

Making hay while the sun shines

With the great spell of weather last week, we did our best to get out in the fresh air as much as possible!

We continue to run/walk on our fabulous school track twice a day. Some great times are being posted for the 1k Time Trial that some run and some great chats are being had for those taking a leisurely stroll!

On Friday we left the confines of the class to have our maths lesson. We had a maths trail in the car park where we had to answer questions based on teacher’s cars and number plates. It was a great break from the norm but definitely got us switching our maths eyes on.

On Thursday we continued our exploration of the outdoor activities strand of PE. Again orienteering was the activity carried out where we had to read out school map for the clues to find our cones then solve the clues provided.

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