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Network Installation And Maintenance Agreement

David Cappuccio, vice president and research director at Gartner, notes that “organizations need timely, reliable and inexpensive IT maintenance, but they simply don`t get it.” One reason is that organizations rely on OEMs to provide both equipment and maintenance. Instead of relying on your maintenance provider`s definitions, you need to evaluate coverage levels and descriptions based on your business needs. For.B example, a creditor may propose to assign a guaranteed response time of two hours to non-critical devices. However, in the absence of a specific definition of “response,” your organization may wait much longer for service to be restored. IT managers think they know their network by heart, but in too many cases, there have been so many updates and changes over the years that they have not. – (Click Tweet) To avoid this, make sure that your maintenance contract allows you to change equipment and coverage during the contract without signing a new contract. If the material or cover is added, you expect an additional charge to occur. However, device withdrawals or withdrawals from coverage should result in refunds or credits. Many OEM delivery contracts do not allow refunds, so be sure to check this section carefully. The entity accepts the installation, management and development of the network and network operation in accordance with the terms of Schedule A. The company will install all the hardware components described in Appendix B and maintain and develop infrastructure and network interfaces if necessary.

The company installs and waits for new equipment (workstations, printers, devices) and is responsible for ordering the necessary equipment or services. The company is responsible for the integration of new equipment and manages third-party maintenance and warranty contracts for equipment or equipment. However, the complexity of these agreements often leads decision-makers to follow the recommendations of OEMs or, quite simply, to renew what already exists. The contract management elements define dispute resolution processes, compensation clauses, reporting processes and a mechanism to update the agreement. The truth is that your network maintenance contract can be broken without you knowing it. Network infrastructure rarely stays the same from year to year; New devices are added, old hardware is removed, configurations change and system requirements increase or decrease. Maintenance contracts that do not address these changes are, at best, money leaks and, in the worst case, a time bomb that can happen in the midst of a crisis. Well-written and well-managed network maintenance contracts provide organizations with the coverage and protection they need to ensure that their infrastructure supports the company`s needs without overcoming budgetary constraints.

According to the IOC, effective treaties “clearly metric, responsibilities and expectations, so that, in the event of problems with the service, no party can plead ignorance. It ensures that both parties understand the requirements in the same way. This occurs when the coverage in the network maintenance contract is the same as that contained in the authorized equipment services.