There are 16 teachers on our staff in St. Mary’s N.S., including an administrative principal. We have 4 Special Needs Assistants and 2 ancillary staff members. The teaching staff for the school year 2020/2021 is as follows:

Principal: Mr. Brian McDonnell
Deputy Principal: Mrs. Aisling Farren

Teaching Staff:

Mrs. M Bell (Assistant Principal)
Ms. C Clarke
Mr. S Clifford
Ms. F Conroy
Mrs. K Evans

Ms. C Finnegan
Mrs. S Kearney
Mr. R McClean (Assistant Principal)
Mrs. C McKeown
Ms. F Molloy
Ms. O O’Callaghan
Ms. A O’Hare
Ms. C-A Quinn
Ms. N Sweeney
Ms. A Starkie

Special Needs Assistants: Mrs. Joan Moran, Mrs. Carmel Brady, Mrs. Margaret McGill & Mr. Jack Mulligan

Support Staff:

Mrs. Louise O’Mara – Secretary
Mr. Gerard Pepper – Caretaker