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Power Of Attorney Share Purchase Agreement

11.1. Receiving money and goods:-require to withdraw, prosecute, recover and receive from all and every person or person; Judicial, political or governmental authorities, including public and/or local organizations, which include or are responsible for all or part of the money that is taxable, including rent, documents, securities, property, effects, levies, taxes, income, income, income, dividends, dividends, dividends and/or other funds that are owned by me or any of my businesses or businesses. 11.4. To receive debts, donations, bequests, etc.: To receive and give vouchers and dismissals valid on my behalf for the share of a company`s property or for the purchase money of one or part of these shares and any other money that must be paid to me in one way or another. So it`s incredibly important to get the range of a PoA correctly. If a lawyer claims to enter into an agreement for which he or she has not obtained power, the company or the individual is not bound by that agreement. Even if the PoA and the guarantee met all the conditions necessary to be carried out effectively as actions and executed the guarantee (as had not previously been agreed by the defendants), it was found that the enforcement of the guarantee did not fall within the scope of the PoA`s powers and that the claim under the guarantee would still have failed. 4.5. Investments in corporate deposits, shares, etc.:- To invest my funds in corporate deposits, shares, bonds, bonds, shares or other securities of companies or other securities held by local authorities, other legal bodies or organizations, whether they are constituted in India or in another country, in this way and on securities that my lawyer deems appropriate at his own discretion, and to withdraw from time to time such funds and apply to any purpose, as he sees fit. 12.2.

Employ employees in any capacity:-Employ a person in any function for my business company, trusts, companies to which I am interested and ask to employ that person or to be interested in the future and ask to employ that person and to suspend, dismiss or dismiss an employee who is as busy as my lawyer deems it appropriate. 3.2. Spend money for the promotion of a business:-spend money for the promotion and creation of such a business as above and for the hosting and payment of shares on my behalf in a company such as the commitments mentioned above. 4.8. Approval of agreements:-approval (if my lawyer deems it necessary or desirable) of an agreement, which alters rights, privileges or obligations relating to one of my investments and agrees to file, deposit or exchange a system or agreement for the increase or reduction of the value or capital of a company or company or company and for this purpose, one of the investments or ownership documents in relation to it and to pay any necessary contribution or cost related to such a scheme or arrangement. 3.6. Exercise of shareholder privileges:-Be able to attend company meetings or to act otherwise, or to appoint or trade as an agent or representative with respect to shares, shares or bonds that are now held by me or which may be acquired by me below; and, in general, to exercise all rights and privileges and to exercise all obligations relating to shares, shares or obligations as a registered bearer, owner and/or owner of which or otherwise it is interested in a business, including correspondence and the request or consent for the application of applications relating to the government of Centra4, by court or by any other authority under the Corporations Act or any other law that is in force at this time.