Recount with Rose!

Recount with Rose!

We have had another busy week. This week it was my turn to write our blog post, I hope you enjoy it!


Arianna, Molly, Sarah Rutledge, Libby, Laura and I went to football. We played 3 matches against Tallanstown, Kilkerley and Kilcroney. We won two matches and drew one. Everyone played really well! Thank you to Ms. Sweeney and Mrs. McKeown for taking us!


Some of the girls went to the church to learn how to serve mass. We all went over to the church to rehearse with the school choir for the schools 50th celebrations that are taking place on Friday.


On Wednesday we did art. We drew patterns in coloured marker and painted an Autumn tree in black paint on top. We had football training after school for the boys and the girls. It was great fun.


We did our tests on Thursday this week because we knew we would be busy with the 50th celebrations on Friday. We went t the church for a whole school rehearsal. We also got a night off homework!


Our 50th celebrations took place on Friday! We went to mass, had assembly and sang lots of songs. We also surprised Master for his 50th birthday with a card and a balloon! We had BBQ and ice cream in the yard. It was a great day.

By Rose Fagan

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