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Rent A Car Agreement Sri Lanka

The lease defines the details of the contract between you and the company. These include insurance information, kilometres of vehicle power, what happens in the event of a breakdown and the necessary documents. The owner agrees to make a return on a passenger vehicle identified as follows: The duration of this car rental contract runs from the date and time of pickup of the vehicle, as indicated directly above the signature line at the end of this contract, until the return of the vehicle to the owner and the conclusion of all the terms of this agreement by both parties. The estimated rental period is as follows: For all rental, financial and other transactions, with respect to the rental of vehicles on an autonomous basis, Shineway Travels (Pvt) Ltd, is called Shineway rent-a-car Sri Lanka and the person or organization is designated as a tenant. During the booking process, you are asked your age (see form above). In the price details, you will find information on the extra fees for young drivers, as they may not be included in the rental price (then it must be paid at the Sinhala Ihalagama rental counter in national currency). Since young drivers are statistically responsible for more traffic accidents, they may be charged an additional fee. The minimum age varies between 16 and 21, depending on the country and region. Sinhala Ihalagama`s automotive equipment manufacturer will gladly help you meet local needs in northwestern Sri Lanka. The vehicles rented would be clean, modern and safe, which were maintained according to the manufacturer`s standards.

Therefore, check the vehicles carefully before you buy and make sure that you do not load the vehicle beyond the manufacturer`s maximum weight requirements. Once your booking is complete, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. Please visit the supplier`s office after arrival: you will receive the keys to the vehicle and pay the balance of the rent. Your car is already waiting in the parking lot and you are ready to go. Vehicles must be insured by the owner, as proposed by Sri Lankan law. In addition, additional costs are incurred for damage to the vehicle, with the exception of damages covered by the insurance or which were present at the time of purchase. We understand that you will sometimes have to cancel the booking. Please read the full cancellation policy. If you are rented after payment, which means that the total amount of car rental is due upon arrival at the rental counter, there will be no cancellation fee. However, if your booking is paid in advance, you may be charged a cancellation fee depending on the date of the advance on the cancellation. If the booking is cancelled within 7 days of the booking date of the car rental and at least 48 hours before the confirmed pickup time, all funds will be refunded.

If the booking is cancelled outside of the booking date of the car rental and at least 48 hours before the pick-up time, all funds, with the exception of the cancellation fee of EUR 25.00 and the card processing fee (if applicable), will be refunded. In most cases, no money is refunded if the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before pickup time. Some car rental agencies may apply restrictions on the route you can travel each day – see fare details.