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Sample Nursing Home Admission Agreement

Advance policy is the general term used to describe the instructions you give someone about preferences for your future medical treatment. Upon admission, the nursing home must provide you with written information on advance directives explaining: (1) your right to guide your own health care decisions; (2) Your right to accept or refuse medical treatment; (3) your right, under California law, to prepare a prior health care directive; and (4) the ease policy that governs the application of advance directives. (Title 42 U.S. Code No. 1395cc (f), 1396r (c) (2) (E) – 1396a (w), Title 42 Federal Code Code nr. 489.102, 483.10 (b)(8) – 431.20) Before being admitted, Medi-Cal-certified medical care homes must inform you about Medi-Cal`s licensing standards using a state-mandated notification. (Code California Welfare – Institutions No. 14006.3 and 14006.4) The legislature requested the communication after learning that some retirement homes misinformed applicants and local residents of Medi-Cal`s authorization. Our company has developed a research merandum in which the various new RoPs that affect accreditation agreements are discussed. This memorandum contains the language proposed for admission agreements and can be used to facilitate the review of your current authorization contract. This research merandum is offered in a lump sum to our clients.

In addition to the memorandum, we also offer healthcare facilities a comprehensive welcome package that includes our standard entry contract and all necessary equipment. This package is provided to facilities as a single PDF filling file that registration staff found easy and easy to use. This package is also proposed through a flat-rate pricing proposal. We are also available to verify your existing authorisation agreement to verify compliance with the various requirements, if that is your preference. Whichever route you choose, don`t let the authorization agreement get you down. While not necessary, it is an important document that helps define and regulate the relationship between health care facilities, their residents and their residents` legal representatives. You cannot charge for days of care after termination or death and you are entitled to reimbursement for any advances to the care home. (California Health – Safety Code No. 1599.71) See Section V of the Financial Arrangement Agreement. The only exception is that if you voluntarily leave the nursing home within three days of your admission, in which case you can be charged up to three days at the basic daily rate if Medicare or Medi-Cal do not pay for their health care. A nursing home cannot apply for or accept a deposit if Medi-Cal or Medicare help them pay for your stay. (California Health – Safety Code Nr.

1599.70, California Welfare – Institutions Code `14110.9, Title 42 Code of Federal Regulations `489.22 – 483.12 (d)). The resident`s authorized financial representative is responsible for using the resident`s funds to pay for care home expenses, such as a portion of the retirement home`s costs. B by Medi-Cal for a Medi-Cal resident.