Seomra Bríde – ár leabharlann nua!

Seomra Bríde – ár leabharlann nua!

Over the summer Seomra Bríde underwent a major transformation! Gone are the computers and benches that housed them – they are all dispersed to mini-stations in the senior classes – to make more room for a luxurious, welcoming, expanded library.

With enticing, comfortable seats, brand new, exciting titles to choose from, warm, colourful walls and furniture and an advanced library scanning system in place, it is no surprise that Seomra Bríde has proved to be hugely popular!

This week, Mrs Bell has opened up the room for the weekly library club and the uptake was tremendous.

Many thanks to Mrs Bell, Mrs Farren, Ms Quinn and the SNA team for their tireless work over the summer and up to now to make Seomra Bríde one of the jewels in our crown!

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