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Sinopsis Wedding Agreement Bab 16

He`s waiting for Bian to talk. . Shortly after the wedding, Bian Tari asked to sign a contract letter on the stamp that contained his budget for only one year. Then Dance divorces and Bian returns to Sarah`s arms. Bian sings and tries to adapt his eyes to ambient light. He concentrates his eyes. “Dancing?” he exclaimed hesitantly, even though he was aware of it. He lifts the body and rests on the elbow. “What are you doing here?” From here, we know That Archie knows exactly where the wedding is going.

It`s nice to see the lead actors in The Drama of the House come to life and make fun of it from time to time. From this farce, we know that Bian and Tari have a strong chemistry. This is what keeps the public informed at the end of the story. Thanks to kak useful information, be sure to also visit my official website “Loh, why are you still here?” asked Tari when she turned around. The wedding trailer implies a sense of visceral drama. The rest is in the new marriage agreement kk… 😊 I`m curious to see how it goes… Mau ikuy in his novel kakkk Bian came out with a tired face of the car. Last night he accompanied Sarah to the IGD until her boyfriend received a room this morning. He`s tired.

He needs to take a shower and rest. But today I have to go to work. Is that just permission? ask him in his heart. Cerbungnya already deleted the author seems mbk, basrusan I check was deleted 🙂 Without saying goodbye, Tari went to the door. While outside, she was breathing deeply and trying to remove the narrowness of her chest. Tears fell on their cheeks. He can`t take it anymore. I can`t hold him anymore. Yes blocked emang or mmg ga no follow-up, 🙄 novel is good. But Chapter 21 cannot be opened by yes. Tks. Is it time to let go of her husband and give in to her? “Have you eaten? I brought you for breakfast.

But first you have to take a shower, you`re definitely tired after a day of waiting in the hospital,” Tari said without a break. He waited all night for Bian to come home. But her husband did not come. Of course, what he expected. Bian has to wait for him there. It really touched the plot as well baper. Mau donq their shocking novel Covenant says they are divorced a year before. That Bian loves his friend Sarah (Aghniny Haque) and wants to marry her. Tari still painful, Bian reveals himself to get married, just to please his parents. Actually, Bian Tari doesn`t want to get married. Good story, thank you. Especially the first 👍👍 Please click on the WA link that is below in the article ya mba …

Bian saw a suitcase in the living room. Who`s coming? Ask Bian in his heart. Are Pakde and Pakde back? I want to buy your mba. My home in sukamandi subang. “It`s good,” Tari replied. He has to get out of here. He came in and found Tari out of the room. It`s like flying away. It is ok. “Dance,” called Bian.

He has a lot to explain to his wife. . Just For You: #BukaInspirasi in Bukalapak TRUE STORY In addition to both, Wedding Agreement also includes famous actors and actresses. Call it Mathias Muchus, Ria Irawan, Bucek Depp, Unique Priscilla and Ria Ricis. Their presence managed to give a good game of ice for this film.