St Brigid’s Cross making

St Brigid’s Cross making

Today, four very special guests were invited into school to facilitate a workshop for the pupils of 5th and 6th classes. In what we hope will become an annual tradition, four ladies with strong links to the school and local community, taught the boys and girls how to make St Brigid’s crosses.

Rose McGeeney and Rang V
Theresa Smyth and Rang V
Mrs Mullen and Rang V/VI
Mary McArdle and Rang V

Organised by Miss Sweeney, and using rushes collected by Brendan Sweeney, parents of former pupils, grandparents of current pupils and a former vice principal of the school were in attendance to impart their knowledge of the art of cross making to the senior classes. Miss Sweeney’s Junior Infants also got a little taster as to how these artifacts are made as we approach St Brigid’s day this weekend.

Jack gets to grips with some rushes
Master gives Rang VI a helping hand
Mrs Evans class working with Junior Infants
Miss Conroy with her 5th Class

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Rose McGeeney, Mary McArdle, Theresa Smyth and Bernadette Mullen for so generously giving up their time to work with the children from St Mary’s NS. They were truly appreciative of the kind and caring gift you bestowed upon them today.

Finished products!
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