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The Agreement Fanfic

But there is potential for traditional fanfiction communities and kindle worlds to serve completely separate markets. “Fanfiction has a distinctive character because it`s not commercial,” says Rachel Tushnet of OTW. “I don`t want new fans – because people invent a fandom every day – to think that Amazon is the only way to make fanfiction.” While no one has the authority to impose a standardized definition of fanfiction as a genre, Tushnet Kindle Worlds considers that “it`s a very different thing” than the hobby she developed to love. Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the creators of the Liaden universe, strongly reject fan fiction written in their universe. “I don`t want other people to interpret our characters.” Interpreting our characters is what Steve and I do; That`s our job. No one else will do it properly. This may sound rude and elitist, but honestly, it`s not easy for us to do things right sometimes, and we`ve lived with these characters… For a very long time… We built our worlds and our characters; They are our intellectual property; and these are not toys that lie on a virtual sandbox so that other children can retrieve and modify them after their exposure. Steve and I do not sanction fanfic written in our universes; this work, which exists, exists without our permission, and certainly without our support. [57] While creative and non-commercial fanfiction is limited by The authors` contracts of Kindle Worlds, Amazon`s commercial influence opens, according to Greenfield, a clearly defined legal path in the fanfiction market. The guarantee of the blessing of the original authors for the fanficnification of their work means that no one throws legal business in the sandbox of Kindle World. “I`m thrilled that Amazon is advancing digital boundaries to share even more ideas and build new communities around the most popular characters and stories,” writer Scott Nicholson said in a Kindle Worlds press release. His prospects – no doubt dampened by the copyrights Amazon receives for the products derived from his work – are far from writers like Anne Rice, who demanded to eliminate any fanfiction because of their work

But if the fanfiction of Kindle Worlds hijacked, redefined or initiated a larger community – and if that`s a good thing – is a question to which authors, readers and publishers have very different answers. Someone mentioned a fanfiction site and asked for a possible contract. I`m confused because I don`t write an idyll, but when I followed them, they seem to be novel-centered? Has everyone heard of them or knows if they are real or how does it work? According to Greenfield of Digital Book World, the question of whether Kindle Worlds will succeed and attract competitors in their quest to blow the next 50 Shades of Grey is not an easy question.