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Violent Agreement For

What does the term “violent agreement” mean? I have heard that this term means either in strong agreement or “I agree with the overall plan, but disagree with the details of the plan.” Help me sort that out. If they are so passionate that their path is right, that no one is progressing, they are in agreement of strength. Ok, so, thank you both of you for being in the show. I would like to give you the opportunity to introduce yourself. Of course. I am Terrence Donnelly. And I`m the CEO and co-founder of Teeps. And I`m Josh. And I`m the co-founder of Teeps. I take care of business and marketing. It`s great. It`s great to have them here. Ok, so tell me more about Teeps.

Of course, yes. We are a mobile application development agency. Companies are tasking us with transforming their business with mobile devices. So, for example, companies like Orlando Health, uh, companies like The Orlando Magic, they need an innovation team to create a mobile app for them and create a mobile experience, but they have too much to do internally to do it. So they commit us to be that team. It`s great. I love what you said. “Because your first response was that you`re transforming your business through mobile devices. Is that what you said? I love it. It`s in our work with Fervr. Oh, very cool. Fervr.

You know how to better communicate what we do. Yes, yes. Oh, wow. Well done. “Because it was me – yes, it`s really compelling, and listeners may remember that we had Shay* from Fervr in a previous episode, a previous episode, so awesome. You have all worked together. Deterrence: exactly. Just give me a little history about Teeps. When did you open the doors? Joshua: It started in 2012, but the story starts before. I would say 2009.

Terrence and I met when we showed up in a group. So we were actually under contract with a label. He joined my band leaving his beautiful job in Boston, a safe job to go down and be a musician with me. And then we realized we weren`t making money, and so — [4:09] JOSHUA: — it kind of faded, but we decided to start a business together. And all the skills we had in the group were very well passed on to business. That`s how we made it official in 2012, and then in 2014 we moved to an office, laid off our jobs and started full-time. – Wow. It`s a very, very good story of “How we met”. We were partly together in a group. It was interesting. We had long hair. – Wow.

Long hair. Oh, really? How didn`t I see pictures of it? Well, they`re out. Probably on Facebook or maybe Myspace. Myspace! Oh, yes. Myspace still exists for the music scene, doesn`t it? Yes, yes. Okay, that`s great. You know, I feel like one day I`m going to ask you for long-haired pictures, and then we`re going to put links on the site – JOSHUA: Of course. Of course.

So if one of the listeners wants to see here, like me, they can see. We are delighted. Laura: Okay, well, I wanted — there`s a lot of things I wanted to ask you, but you`ve done a lot of evolution and almost iterations with your business and the way you do things, and I was hoping you could talk a little bit about what happened to all of you with Teeps when we connected and started, to work together….